Backed by the 500 Startups accelerator, Kitterly is a retail e-commerce company that sells hand-curated knitting and crochet kits from top designers in their industry.

The Challenge

Kitterly has built a great business with a strong monthly recurring revenue. They were in the process of fundraising for their next round of financing, but slower growth has impacted their fundraising efforts. One of their investors introduced us to Kitterly to help diagnose their growth issues and revitalize their efforts.

Services Performed

  • Research and Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page Redesign and Development
  • Email Marketing Automation


  • 98.9% lift in click-throughs on Kit Club landing page
  • 50.6% lift in conversions from shopping cart to checkout
  • 11.4% lift in sales recovery from the shopping cart abandonment campaign
  • 40.0% lift in sales from the welcome series email campaign

Our Strategy

Our team conducted extensive research for Kitterly including traffic and sales analysis on their overall business, a cohort analysis on the subscription product, and a user experience (UX) audit on their checkout process to find key growth areas in their business.

Through our research, we were able to calculate their membership churn rates and lifetime value (LTV) to assist with their paid acquisition and fundraising efforts. We then identified several areas that were key to their strategic growth.

These areas included:

  • the Kitterly Kit Club, their monthly subscription product;
  • their automated email campaigns, which included their email opt-in pop ups, welcome series, and shopping cart abandonment campaigns;
  • their checkout process

We then documented all the areas for potential improvements and started designing a series of tests started with the areas with the highest priority.

Kitterly Test Ideas

Experiments & Results

Kit Club Landing Page Redesign

Based on their traffic levels and existing conversion rates, we decided to make big, noticeable changes to their landing page. We adding a new value proposition to the Kit Club, redesigned the entire page, showed clear pricing, and optimized their content for mobile visitors. The idea was to give clarify how the Kit Club works and to highlight the benefits of a fun and hassle-free subscription.

On our first attempt, we saw a 29.2% decrease in conversion rates on this page (sample size: 2187):


Kitterly Kit Club Landing Page Control Version

Treatment (1st attempt)

Kitterly Kit Club Landing Page Challenger 1

So we learned from this attempt and went back to the drawing board:


Kitterly Kit Club Landing Page Control Version

Treatment (2nd attempt)

Kitterly Kit Club Landing Page Challenger 2

Our second attempt was much more successful, seeing a 98.9% lift in CTA click-throughs for desktop and tablet visitors. (sample size: 1126)

Experiments & Results

Welcome Series Email Campaign

Kitterly uses an automated marketing system to capture first time visitors and nurture those leads with a series of a emails. Kitterly knew this was an area that needed improvement, and we saw a quick opportunity to improve their first email in this series. We designed a split test that aimed to improving subject lines, mobile notification lead-in, and their CTAs.

We saw strong improvements in both email open rates and click throughs which led to a conclusive 40.04% increase in sales (sample size: 3273).


Subject: Your savings are inside! Kitterly Welcome Email


Subject: Thanks! <3 Here's your coupon code Kitterly Welcome Email

Experiments & Results

Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaign

Kitterly’s shopping cart abandonment campaign was a 3-part series that was sent when a visitor have added items to their cart, but did not complete the checkout process. The emails were sent on the same day after abandonment, followed by another email on the next day, and a final attempt sent 7 days after abandonment.

We designed several split tests that tested subject lines, message timing, body content, and CTA.

After multiple attempts, we saw an 24.5% lift in total conversions across all three campaigns, which resulted in a 11.4% lift in cart abandonment recovery (sample size: 4496)


Day 0 - Subject: Forgot Something? <3 Kitterly Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Series
Day 1 - Subject: We've got a snag Kitterly Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Series
Day 7 - Subject: Last chance! Here's 10% off your cart items Kitterly Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Series

Experiments & Results

Shopping Cart Improvements

We made a few improvements to the shopping cart page including removing distractions, repositioning and increasing the contrast with the CTA, and increasing contrast.

For our shopping cart test, we saw conclusive wins on all platforms:

On desktop and tablet, we observed a conclusive 14% lift in conversions from cart visitors to proceed to checkout and a conclusive 10.1% lift in total sales.

On mobile, we observed a 11.8% lift in conversions from cart visitors to proceed to checkout.

Combined, we saw a 13.3% lift in visits to checkout and 8.17% lift in total sales. (sample size: 3623)


Kitterly Shopping Cart Control Version


Kitterly Shopping Cart Challenger Version

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